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When you’ve never used long term airport parking in offsite lots, it can be hard to know how easy and reliable they are. There are a lot of myths about long term airport parking that dissuade people from using these services, but there is little truth to them. Long term airport parking is your best choice, and we’ll show you why.

Myth 1: You Can’t Get Cheap Long Term Airport Parking

This myth is pretty easy to dismiss. Long term parking garages will generally be much less expensive than regular parking garages that tend to have more short term users. The latter will discount the time increments to offer parking incentive, and will inflate their daily max price to make short term rates seem even better. This is not the case for long term parking that’s offsite. JFK Airport long term parking costs $33 per day, and our competitors will charge you $20+ per day, but not up to $33. We charge just as low as $15.95 per day, which is the cheapest option.

Myth 2: It Isn’t Safe To Use Long Term Parking

This myth comes from the idea that the longer you are away from your vehicle, the bigger a target it is for thieves and vandals. In street parking or common commercial parking garages this may be a concern, but it is even less so with long term parking lots. In short term parking lots, people are coming and going so often that it is less feasible to have consistent security monitoring activities, and it makes it more obvious which cars are parked long term and better targets. Lots like ours will have regular security enforced to eliminate this risk. The lot is surveilled and secured and this greatly reduces the risk of damage to your vehicle.

Myth 3: Long Term Parking Isn’t Close To The Airport

It’s common to think that all offsite long term parking garages are miles and miles away from the airport you need to get to, and this is a deterrent for many people. Fortunately, this is not the case. Most airports around the United States are surrounded by alternative parking lots, very near to the airport. Our JFK Airport Parking Lot Service happens to be the closest JFK Airport long term parking lot, and we provide a free shuttle service to your designated terminal. You certainly won’t be parking “in the middle of nowhere” when you choose offsite long term airport parking.

Myth 4: Your Vehicle Will Be Driven While You’re Away

This myth is truly appalling. If you find a parking company that is likely to violate your trust in this way, you will likely know it as soon as you find them. This level of inappropriateness is impossible to hide. The majority of people have more decency than this, and any parking company that made a practice of driving customers’ vehicles without consent would soon be out of business. Rest assured that this will not happen when you use a long term parking service near the airport.