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Driving in New York can be a once in a lifetime experience. If you are driving in New York, you may find an added source of stress in the form of finding parking. It’s not impossible to park in NYC, but it is a bit of a challenge. Once you have a few good strategies learned, though, you’ll find it a lot easier. NYC has two options for parking: garage parking and street parking, and they each have their own advantages and challenges. Read on for a few tips on each of these parking options, to hopefully make your parking easy and convenient (and stress-free).

Garage Parking

There are thousands of parking facilities in New York, and over 1000 in Manhattan alone. If you are planning on parking for a long period of time, it’s probably easiest for you to try for garage parking instead of street parking. To have the easiest experience, see our do’s and don’ts below.

Garage Parking Do’s

Do your research before you park. At the very least, you will want to know where the garages are located, to make sure you’re parking as close as possible to your destination. If you do your planning and research ahead of time, you’re less likely to jump at any opportunity, missing out on better.

You also want to make sure you are comparing prices when you research your parking garage. Prices for parking vary greatly between garages, even those in the same neighborhood. You can save a lot in parking costs if you know which is your cheapest option before getting caught up in the anxiety of finding vacant parking spots.

There are a few good websites with this information available. These websites also have coupons and discounts available on occasion, which are great to take advantage of!

Garage Parking Don’ts

The don’ts of garage parking in NYC are simple and few: don’t get caught in a scam and be stuck paying too much, and don’t park too long. If you are seeking long term parking, you don’t want to be using a Manhattan parking garage. Your best options here are to find JFK Airport long term parking like ours, away from downtown NYC miscreants, and constantly surveilled and protected.

Street Parking

Finding street parking in NYC can feel like a major accomplishment. There are spots all around the city, but they are highly coveted and don’t stay vacant longer than a minute or so (downtown, anyway). If you find a parking spot on the street downtown, it’s likely because you were in the right place at the right time when someone is just leaving the space. There are a few things you can do to better ensure this magical moment and make you the envy of all New York drivers.

Street Parking Do’s

Use a street parking app that will tell you about availability around the city. There are often spots opening up for legal parking around the city, and you can be notified via the apps.

Make sure you follow the rules of the road. If there are signs saying “No Parking” or “No Standing,” those aren’t just suggestions. Many people will gamble with fate and try to park in illegal parking spots when they’re feeling desperate, but it doesn’t pay off. Police officers are vigilant about ticketing (including when you are parked too close to fire hydrants, etc.). Only park in legal spots.

Pay the meter accordingly. Street parking is cheap: much cheaper than the fine for letting the meter run out, so keep on top of your parking fees. Keep those quarters handy!

Circle the block a few times before giving up on street parking. The spots rotate regularly, so a spot may be free a moment later.

Street Parking Don’ts

Don’t chance fate and park illegally, and this also means being mindful of street cleaning schedules which would make certain legal parking illegal.

Don’t get frustrated. Street parking is the best choice scenario for many, and we often have to settle for less, but not if you’re persistent.

Hopefully these tips make your parking easier. For the best option in long term parking, check out our services.