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JFK Vehicle Rentals


When you are visiting New York, the easiest, most authentic way to experience the bustling metropolis is to take public transit from the community to community and city to city. Of course, there’s only so much of that you can stand, especially if you happen to get caught in the middle of the rush hour(s) maelstrom. Sometimes it is preferable just to rent a car and make your own way. Certainly, given the right traffic conditions, driving across New York can make your travel a lot faster, and with so much to see and do in this busy state, that is a big advantage. If you want to see as much as you can, you’ll likely want to find a JFK Airport car rental station as soon as you touch down. The airport website doesn’t list services for car rental at JFK International Airport, however, so where do you start? Read on for all you need to know about JFK Airport car rental services.

Top JFK Airport Car Rental Operators

When it comes to JFK Airport rental cars, Enterprise Rent-A-Car seems to corner the market, with multiple locations in and around the airport grounds. If this works for you, great! If not, then you can rest assured knowing there are other options for car rentals near JFK Airport. We have selected a few of the top choices in car rental services and summarized them in the list below.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Building 69, Federal Cir, Jamaica, NY 11430

Enterprise Car Rental JFK Airport is a 3 minute drive from the airport via 130th Pl. and Federal Cir. and all locations will offer shuttle service from the airport desk to the building. Enterprise is likely the easiest choice when it comes to JFK Airport car rental providers, and that makes it top of our list. There are multiple locations near the airport and throughout the larger area (including Burnside Ave. and Queens Blvd.), which makes Enterprise Rent-A-Car extremely convenient. Their rates and selection are fairly mid-range, but they provide reliable and consistent service, which we value.

Thrifty Car Rental

318 Federal Cir, Jamaica, NY 11420

Thrifty Car Rental is a top choice for JFK Airport car rental operators because of its low rates and reasonable selection. Even at lower rates, Thrifty still gives you a pleasing range of selection on vehicles. It’s located just a 3 minute drive from the airport via 130th Pl. and Federal Cir. and a shuttle is provided. They prioritize fuel-efficient vehicle selection as well, so you will save on gas, too. Customers regularly select Thrifty Car Rental as a top choice for their rental needs.

Hertz Rent A Car

318, Federal Cir, Jamaica, NY 11430

Another favorite topping our list is the Hertz Car Rental JFK Airport location. Hertz Rent A Car wins us over with its incredible accommodations, offered at all locations. These include vehicles equipped with hand controls for physically challenged drivers, as well as child and infant seats for families. Whereas with many other car rental providers, these accommodations would be a hassle to arrange and reserve, Hertz makes these accessibility concerns easy to take care of in the basic reservation. For the average driver, this may not be a benefit, but we’re happy to highlight this option for those who need it.

National Car Rental

308, Federal Cir, Jamaica, NY 11430

National Car Rental JFK Airport is a consistent favorite for New York Travelers. National Car Rental is easy to get to, and only 4 minutes from the JFK Airport on the AirTrain. This car rental company rewards loyalty and provides better rates and services to those who use the service more, either for business or other. If you are going to be frequenting New York and needing car rental services, National Car Rental is a good service provider to look into.

Action Car Rental

144-2 135th Ave, Jamaica, NY 11436

We like Action Car Rental because it services New York specifically. Though there is a comfort in the reliability and accountability of a national brand of car rental providers, you inevitably get better service with a smaller service provider like Action Car Rental. You can see from customer reviews that Action Car Rental values customer service and benefiting the community. If you’re looking for a more friendly experience, and the reassurance that your needs will not be overlooked, then Action Car Rental is the JFK Airport car rental provider for you.

Empire Rent-A-Car

835 Pennsylvania Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11207

Empire Rent-A-Car is another local business choice for car rentals. This service provider is family owned with a friendly, familiar approach to customers, which is often a positive experience for travelers. If you want a larger vehicle, like a van for moving or traveling across the country, Empire Rent-A-Car is your top choice. Of course, this choice is further from the Airport, so it may be a less convenient choice for some travelers.