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New York City is a top travel destination for good reason. There are so many things to see and do here. How do you make the best of your New York vacation without running out of energy, time, or money? We’ve got the best tips for you below.

Pick Up New York Pass & Other Discount Cards

If you plan to see as many attractions as possible during your stay in New York, then you may want to think about picking up discount passes and cards. Visit the NYC tourism site to find various tourist discount cards and passes, as well as to find all the information about events and attractions. Grab a New York CityPASS to get 40% discounted admission to six top attractions including the following attractions: Empire State Building Observatory, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Museum of Natural History, either the Top of the Rock or the Guggenheim Museum, and either the 9/11 Memorial & Museum or Intrepid Sea, and either the Air & Space Museum and Statue of Liberty, or Circle Line Cruises.

Plan In Advance, But Be Flexible

In order to get the most of your travel time in NYC, you’ll want to plan ahead and highlight all the things you want to see and do. Try and be realistic about how much time you have and how many things you can therefore conceivably do. There are many things to see and do here, and even if you can fit them all in to one trip, you’ll likely have a better time if you are more selective and schedule time to take a break. Even if you plan meticulously, real life happens in spite of best laid plans, so it’s important to be flexible to avoid disappointment.

Keep In Mind Travel Time When Planning

When you are planning your dream NYC vacation, keep in mind travel time including inflated travel times due to traffic congestion. Getting anywhere in New York during peak traffic times –whether you are driving, walking, or taking public transit– is going to take longer than it would during off hours. Remember this when you are planning multiple events and sightseeing during the day. You’ll want to avoid the disappointment of discovering you’ve run out of time despite planning. Sometimes you can’t plan for traffic delays, so again, flexibility is important.

Diversify Your Attractions

A lot of New York tourism includes buildings and museums, and while these are worthwhile diversions, you will likely get tired of seeing the same kinds of things and won’t get the full experience. To avoid this monotony, try and diversify your attractions and activities. New York is a great walking city, and you can experience this going from attraction to attraction, but you can also check out our ferries and water taxis, or just have a day of lounging in Central Park. Mix in concerts and restaurants with your museum tours and shopping trips and it will be a more well-rounded trip, sure to keep you energized and excited to be in the Big Apple.

Dress Comfortably

No matter how you get around the city, you will likely be spending time in the travel. Do yourself a favor and dress comfortably to avoid the strain of binding clothes or shoes. If you are walking or standing on public trains, comfortable shoes are a must! If you are driving, you’ll want to be wearing something that’s not going to wrinkle while you sit. If you can find fashion-forward, comfortable clothing, then that’s your best choice. New York is a fashion capital of the world, but comfort comes before style when you are seeking rewarding experiences.