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Whether you are driving a friend to the airport, or driving yourself and then taking off on a flight, it is very tempting to simply park at the airport in the airport grounds parking lots. It may seem like the most convenient and reliable solution, but this is not the case. Parking directly with the airport is one of the most expensive choices. Though it may seem the most convenient because you can find parking right next to your terminal, the airport parking garages can fill up fast and leave you circling parking lots for longer than you accounted for, just looking for a vacancy. Good offsite airport parking lots will remain close enough to the airport compound and provide shuttle service so that the time between parking and getting to the airport is negligible. Still not convinced? It’s easy to be a skeptic when you’ve never experienced good offsite airport parking, but we will have you convinced shortly.

Cost: Offsite Versus Onsite Airport Parking

It costs a lot to run an airport. An airport like John F Kennedy International, will charge more money for parking because it needs the revenue, and because customers don’t question the cost when faced with the stress of planning a flight. JFK Airport parking costs up to $33 a day. Compare that with our rate starting from $15.95 per day, and it becomes clear which option is cheaper. There are other offsite airport parking providers that charge more than we do, but still less than the airport.

Convenience: Offsite Versus Onsite Airport Parking

JFK Airport has six parking lots onsite, all around terminals. This seems to be the most convenient choice for JFK Airport parking; however, spaces can be hard to find, especially when you are traveling during peak hours (basically, any time on the weekend). If you can’t find parking when you need it, you will waste time you didn’t account for, and once you’ve entered the airport compound looking for parking, it will take even more time to find offsite parking (especially without reservation).

If you choose to park with us, you could be reserving your parking spot in minutes before heading to our lot, which is the closest offsite JFK Airport parking lot, parking in your reserved spot with ease, and then immediately hopping on our free airport shuttle. It only takes minutes to get to the airport from our lot, and less than minutes to reserve your spot with us. This makes us the most convenient airport parking choice.

Reliability: Offsite Versus Onsite Airport Parking

We often feel that the larger the company, the more reliable or accountable it should be. This isn’t always the case. You may feel more secure parking in an airport parking lot, assuming it would be more reliable and secure, but the security systems and staff at airports are prioritizing the in-airport security. The parking lots and garages are lower priority, and therefore don’t receive the same surveillance as you would expect from a reliable parking service.

Offsite, where parking is the only focus, you are likely to get more security for your vehicle, and a more accountable team. This is certainly the case if you trust your vehicle with us. Choose JFK Airport Parking Lot Services for the most affordable, convenient, and reliable airport parking. You will be glad you did.